Capoeira Karkara at The Studio

Capoeira is much more than a martial art, combining self-defense and fighting techniques with dance, acrobatics, music and culture. It is truly an activity like no other. Some would say its a form of exercise, others would call it a way of life.

Capoeira is difficult to define in words. That’s why we encourage you to come in and take class any of the classes on our schedule, and to watch our YouTube videos ( to become better acquainted with this very unique martial art form. Students of every age and fitness
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What is "Karkara"?

"Karkara" is the name of our capoeira group, or "academy". The group was founded in April of 2011 by Contra Mestre Betinho and his original capoeira master from Bahia, Brazil, Grand Mestre Berico. The group has grown in size since it was formed, and currently have locations nationally in Boynton Beach and Melbourne, Florida; Waldorf, Maryland; and internationally in Salvador and Bahia, Brazil; Seville, Spain; and Rome, Italy.

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Wellness* Program Tuition

$15 per class drop-in

$135 for a 10 class card

* Wellness program includes all Adult/Teen Ballet Classes, Pilates Mat Class, all Yoga Classes, EBAS and Capoeira. Workshops of any kind are paid for seperately and are not part of any Wellnes Program Tuition cards or plans.

Please Note: If your individual needs vary, please contact us.  Individual schedules are available.