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About Pilates at The Studio

The programs based on the exercises by Joseph H. Pilates are becoming increasingly popular due to the results its practitioners demonstrate in ability as well as appearance. By focusing on proper alignment and form, emphasizing quality of movement over quantity, Pilates develops improved postural habits. The Studio instructors combine the principles from Joseph Pilates with modern knowledge of anatomy and physiology to create a total body workout that improves posture, strengthens, tones, and improves flexibility.

Pilates focuses on developing the deep stabilizing muscles of the torso and strengthening the core abdominal muscles, and the supporting muscles of the spinal column. Pilates is a non-impact, resistance exercise program, eliminating stress on the joints, providing a safe and versatile activity for all ages and fitness levels. Pilates helps you to achieve optimal strength and flexibility simultaneously; improving your posture, quality and ease of movement. This program works as we think this photo of Joseph Pilates at 82 attests.

Our instructors have rigorous and thorough training to detect muscular imbalances and postural misalignment. They are able to fully address the needs of each student-helping them to balance their bodies in a functional manner. It is extremely important to understand the certification your instructor has completed. Please review our staff biography section and the information on their certification. We are the only facility in Southern Maryland to offer extensive equipment training administered by staff with the highest level of training available in the industry.

In order to provide the individualized attention that each student deserves, our Group Mat classes are limited to 8 students. We also provide Solo, Duet, and Trio classes on the Reformer, the Trapeze Table, and on the mat as well as complementary equipment.

Group Reformer Training

Group Reformer class will teach you proper alignment, form, posture and breathing techniques. You will be amazed at what your body can do while learning the proper Pilates techniques! You will have more range of motion, you will strengthen your core, have better stability, increased flexibility, improved posture and you will tone your entire body! Each participant has some experience on a Reformer prior to joining a group class, so they are familiar with the adjustable ropes, pulleys, springs and carriage system. Students work through a sequence of appropriately leveled Reformer choreography in unison, with the Pilates instructor monitoring for safe and proper form. Classes are taught in a series for continuity and are limited to 3 students.

Prior to enrollment in Group Reformer class students must either have prior Pilates experience or complete a Jump Start series of classes. The Jump Start series is a set of 3 private classes. During this series the instructor will ensure the student is prepared to understand the common vocabulary used at The Studio and ensure the student is prepared to fully participate in group class. Please contact us to evaluate your past experience or inquire about Jump Start class.

If you do not see a time that is convenient for you, please let us know. We are always looking to create classes when our clients want them. If you have two friends and can make a commitment to complete a series we can schedule a class for your group at our very attractive rates.

Wellness* Program Tuition

$15 per class drop-in

$135 for a 10 class card

(card may be used for any combination of Pilates Mat, Ballet, Capoeira, Yoga classes)

Solo Equipment Training
By appointment only Monday-Saturday

$65/Single Class
$315/5 Class Package
$600/10 Class Package

Duet Equipment Training
By appointment only Monday-Saturday

$42.50/person Single Class
$202.50/person 5 Class Package
$380/person 10 Class Package

Group Reformer Tuition

$100 per person for a 4 week session (1 class per week)
$200 per person for an 8 week session (1 class per week)
Classes must be made up in current session.
*Workshops of any kind are paid for seperately and are not part of any Wellnes Program Tuition cards or plans.

Please Note: If your individual needs vary, please contact us.  Individual schedules are available.