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Pre-Primary Program
(Almost 3 to 4 years old)
Pre-Primary children are introduced to age-appropriate beginning ballet exercises in a playfully structured school setting for the preparation of Primary Ballet.  In tune with overall developmental learning, the curriculum incorporates activities and dances that include: number counting, the alphabet, patterns, rhythm, and other cognitive skills. Children improve their balance and sense of self while exploring new abilities.
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Primary (A/B/C) and Ballet (Level 1-5) Program
(Ages 5 and up)
The Studio Cooperative provides a structured, graded curriculum following the guidelines and philosophy of the American Ballet Theatre ® National Training Curriculum led by principal, Deborah Stanley. The curriculum encourages and empowers the student towards artistic expression while emphasizing technique, musicality, balance, stamina, and strength. Step by step, the curriculum provides age-appropriate progressions that work cohesively with the young student's growing body. Embedded in classical tradition, the curriculum is derived from the French, Russian, and Italian systems of training, and has been adopted around the world by both amateur and professional schools. A placement class and interview is required for Level 2 and higher.