About The Studio Cooperative

The Studio Cooperative is a family of instructors, staff, parents and students who came together in November 2009 to support the movement arts in our community. Our instructors and staff provide state of the art training in Ballet, Capoeira, Pilates, and Yoga.

The Studio offers a unique approach to the disciplines we teach. We are teaching skills for a lifetime, not just a term of study. Every student who has a desire to learn will find a place in our school. There are no "incorrect body types" or age limits. The Studio Cooperative is the only inclusive program in Southern Maryland. Students are accepted into the program regardless of disability. We find that movement and music support the development of sensory integration and physical well-being. Students on the Autism Spectrum, students with Down Syndrome, and students with vision and hearing deficits have all been successful at The Studio. Class recommendations and placements are made using a whole person approach: intellectual, emotional, and physical abilities are all considered when making these decisions with the student and their family. Our facility is modern, and designed specifically with the safety and comfort of the student in mind. Our staff of instructors are each highly trained and certified in their respective fields bringing years of experience to their classes.

We are a cooperative as part of our philosophy. In its purest sense, a cooperative is a group of people working together toward a common goal. Our staff works together to provide a multi-disciplinary approach. Our instructors teach every discipline with passion for the art it represents, and with deliberate care for the development of each student’s body, mind and spirit. Our success is measured by helping each student reach their ultimate potential.